Paula Froelich Answers The Question: How Does The New York Post Gossip Page Work?

Page Six logoEver wonder how New York Post‘s Page Six works? Us either. But today, former Page Six deputy editor Paula Froelich posted a response to the question on Quora, the website that lets people answer all the questions you never thought to ask. 
“Where does the information come from? How are stories chosen? Who runs it?” read the question.
Ms. Froelich answered in a list that explains that Page Six works exactly the way most journalism works. Reporters get tips, go to events, find stories and then write things:
I used to be the deputy editor… it works like this: 
1. info comes from  tips. people call in/email with a tip. You then have to track down its veracity.  Tips come from EVERYWHERE. It runs the gamut – from the highest to the lowest. 
2. the staff has to go out almost every night – meeting people, going to events. a lot of stories are actually seen by the staff or overheard at the events.
3. Page Six is currently run by the amazing Emily Smith.
4. Stories are chosen based on whether they are good or not; whether someone has traded in a GREAT story for a BS sighting; How slow the news day is…. etc.
Which, had we ever thought to wonder about it, would have been our guess. Not specified in that list is the constant back and forth with publicists that’s a requirement of dealing with celebrities.
But we guess that’s included in the all-caps ‘EVERYWHERE.’ 
Paula Froelich Answers The Question: How Does The <em>New York Post</em> Gossip Page Work?