Practice Your Kissing Skills With This Make-Out Practice Pillow

Real-life romantic partners not required.

Emilygraceking’s pillows (Instructables)

As we always say at Betabeat, who needs a real-life BF or GF when you can just make out with a pillow?

The fantasy is real! Instructables user emilygraceking has created the “Make-Out Practice Pillow for Valentine’s Day,” and has posted online directions showing viewers how they can make their own, too. 

Creepily, the products’s name is completely literal: it’s a normal-looking pillow, embellished with a plastic nose and mouth that you can douse in saliva to your lonely heart’s content.

“There seems to have been little innovation in the make-out practice pillow department despite the rise in popularity of decorative ‘Let’s Make Out’ pillows and cuddle pillows that are shaped like a human torso, so it is time that I step in and offer a new solution to the middle-schoolers or lonely hearts of the world: a pillow with a mouth,” emilygraceking wrote on the instructions page. “You are welcome. You are so welcome.”

The D.I.Y expert wrote that she was first inspired to make the pillows when she found some CPR dummies and a bunch of removable rubber dummy mouths in some abandoned suitcases near her apartment. Then she remembered using pillows for kissing practice in middle school, and voila: she had suddenly devised the perfect project.

“They are super creepy,” emilygraceking wrote, describing the pillows. “But I sort of love them for that.”

So what are you waiting for? Get crafting! Pair your final product with that pillow shaped like a woman’s lap, and you’ll have an inanimate foam-and-plastic girlfriend in no time.

Practice Your Kissing Skills With This Make-Out Practice Pillow