Report: Fellow RGA members publicly back Christie; other GOPers not so sure

As Governor Chris Christie continues to take fire over the George Washington Bridge closures and alleged wrongdoing over Hurricane Sandy relief, he retains the public backing of most prominent Republicans, including his fellow members of the powerful Republican Governors Association (RGA), according to this Pando report.

However, investigative journalist Murray Waas has discovered that at least a few prominent Republicans are beginning to break ranks. According to Waas, “Former Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli has said it makes ‘sense for [Christie] to step aside’ from his chairmanship of the RGA.” This despite the fact that the RGA funded Cuccinelli’s race and that Christie “personally raised” a portion of those RGA funds.

Waas also spoke to Katon Dawson, a former state GOP chairman in the critical early voting state of South Carolina. Waas said that Dawson told Slate that Christie might have to resign from RGA because “This all has the potential to affect the RGA and governor’s races if it grows any more legs, like it has with the Hoboken mayor.”

Other chinks in the governor’s armor are starting to appear, as well. Last week, the Star-Ledger ran an editorial calling for Christie to step down from the chairmanship. Perhaps most alarmingly of all for the hopes of a future run, former NY Gov. Pataki splashed cold water on Gov Christie, telling a tv reporter, “The frontrunner has been damaged severely and we have to take a look.”


damaged severely Report: Fellow RGA members publicly back Christie; other GOPers not so sure