Silicon Valley: HBO Makes Office Space For Nerds (Video)

Mike Judge might be one of the most prolific pop culture creator of our lifetime. Think about it: Beavis and Butthead, King of the Hill, Office Space, that one with Luke Wilson in the future where everyone says “But it’s got electrolytes!” And now Silicon Valley, a new HBO show about a bunch of skinny geeks in San Fran who write code and try to hit the tech jackpot.

Already from the trailer we can tell that this is going to be GIRLS for dudes who bitch about their start-ups on Secret. Oh, you threw up because someone offered you $10 million??? Try getting a real job, Mr. Hannah Horvath.


Also is it just me or are people just vomiting a lot on television lately? Are bilious secretions the new fart joke?

<em>Silicon Valley</em>: HBO Makes <em>Office Space</em> For Nerds (Video)