The French President Hates Social Media Because People Are Mean

Please stop asking him about it.

J'ai mal Internet! (Photo: French website)
J’ai mal Internet! (Photo: French website)

The next time you’re refreshing Twitter, remember that somewhere French President François Hollande is floating on his magic croissant carpet and judging you.

A French newspaper asked him yesterday about his social media habits and after presumably giving the reporter a stink eye he pooh-poohed the notion that he would waste anytime on those things

“I look when they show me,” Mr. Hollande said to Le Parisien about the idea of even glancing over at an app. “There’s an addictive side to all that stuff that you need to defend against.”

The quizzing of his Internet routine comes at time when he’s about to embark on a tour of Silicon Valley. The WSJ notes that his brutish French side might rear its head because the country doesn’t think large tech firms pay enough local taxes. 

The Internet understandably makes Mr. Hollande uneasy. “On the Internet, who’s to say what’s true? The worst are the personal attacks,” he added, per WSJ. The reporter then followed up by asking if he was on Snapchat since that would come in handy for sexting his girlfriends: “Um, Snapchat? No, not yet.” 

Can’t wait until he discovers Secret.  The French President Hates Social Media Because People Are Mean