The Redd Zone

There was some South Jersey speculation about the political future of Camden Mayor Dana Redd and a forthcoming empty senate seat in LD 5.

Redd won’t be filling it, according to a source close to the mayor.

A former state senator replaced by state Sen. Donald Norcross (D-5) when she assumed the office of mayor in 2010 and a re-election victor last year, she’s going to stay in the mayor’s chair, the source said.

Redd’s arguably the only name in the district right now who could clear the field in pursuit of the seat Norcross is leaving to succeed U.S. Rep. Rob Andrews (D-1).

She doesn’t want it.

The party too would have to rearrange too much to make for a mayoral changeup back to Trenton. To avoid the overlap of three Camden representatives, either Assemblyman Whip Wilson (D-5) or Assemblyman Angel Fuentes (D-5) would have to get swapped out and replaced with a suburban assemblyperson to accommodate the Camden-based Redd.

Look for either of those reps to move up to succeed Norcross and for the inclusion of a suburban assemblyperson to round out the ticket, or for a suburban candidate to leap over them to land in the senate seat.

Of course, one source noted, in the interest of ticket balance in a fluid situation, Fuentes or Wilson could always end up “retiring,” a la Nilsa Cruz-Perez four years ago.

The Redd Zone