The Room where the Documents Reside

The leaders of the Select Committee on Investigation (SCI) today issued notice to all SCI members that all subpoenaed documents would be available to committee members as soon as the documents are received.

The letter by Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg (D-37) and Assemblyman John Wisniewski (D-19) comes in the wake of Republicans expressing worries about the availability of documents.

“All Documents will be available for review in Room 381, third floor of the State House Annex on a rolling basis as soon as OLS can prepare them for inspection following receipt thereof,” Weinberg and Wisniewski wrote. “All members of the committee and/or a designated legislative aide will be allowed to review the documents on-site.  Committee members and their designated legislative aides may not copy or remove the documents from the document room.

“Members or designated aides wishing to inspect the documents may do so during normal business hours and must schedule a time to do so with OLS, subject to staffing and space constraints.  OLS shall keep a log of visitors to the document room. OLS shall inform the Executive Directors of the Senate and Assembly Majority Offices of any scheduled inspections.” 

An OLS staffer will be in the room at all times while the documents are being inspected.

The Room where the Documents Reside