17 Incredibly Specific Dating Sites That Prove There's Someone for Everyone

For helping to find that very, VERY special someone.

Equestrian Cupid

You could write a pop country song by just reading “Horse Lover Dating Ideas” to music.

“Nice pickup truck sitting on the tailgate”

“Going on a horseback ride thru the woods”

“Just going for a nice quiet ride.”

“I let this field open for you, SURPRISE me, but don't forget to make it fun :)”

Not to be confused with Equestrian Singles.

Jack Smith IV


For those few us who are looking for partners we’re attracted to.

Jack Smith IV

Singles With Food Allergies

‘Looking for someone upbeat, age 25-30, gluten intolerant and allergic to nightshade vegetables. Must eat legumes.’

Finding your perfect match just became insurmountably difficult.

Jack Smith IV

Find Your Face Mate

Based on the hypothesis that similar facial features increase your chemistry, this site is the go-to if you want to make love staring into your own eyes.

Jack Smith IV


Drawing from the same pool (of fake blood) as Goth Passions, GothicMatch, GothScene, Gothic Dates, Gothic Connecting.

Jack Smith IV


Because on what date are you supposed to have the “I fuck giant bunnies and teddy bears” conversation?

Jack Smith IV


Best profile section goes to: “Activities in prison...”

Worst search function goes to: You can only browse the site by individual age (ie: Men, age 29. Women, age 23.)

Jack Smith IV

Mullet Passions

“Browse the 'Mullet Groups' section to find members based on the style of their mullet, classic, mudflap or spiky.”

So this site actually diverges into further niches than “Mullet”? Got it.

Jack Smith IV

Stache Passions

Another star installment of the Passions Network, which boasts 240+ niche dating sites.

Jack Smith IV

Sea Captain Date

There’s a surprising amount of intrigue around whether this site is real or a total hoax.

Jack Smith IV


Because we already knew what was going on in the cabin. 45 minutes just sitting there on the tarmac without taking off?

Come on.

Jack Smith IV

Sister Wives

A dating site for fans of the hit reality TV show!

Just kidding. It’s for married couples looking for “our soulmate.”

Jack Smith IV

Miss Travel

Connecting gorgeous women who love travel to rich men who want to deeply deceive themselves.

Jack Smith IV

Ashely Madison

The infamous marital affair dating site that every talk show audience in the country pretended to be appalled by.
Jack Smith IV
Positive Singles

Aww, like if you’re upbeat, or just want someone with a great outlook.

Oh, wait, nope. That’s NOT what that means.

Jack Smith IV
Jack Smith IV

Match.com, OkCupid, eHarmony… they all have a pretty simple formula. You get a huge selection of potential mates, and great data-driven search to help you find your shared match. And what can go wrong?

But maybe you decide you’re not meant for the wider dating pool. Maybe you’re into sea captains and doppelgangers, or looking for your third wife.

Here are the sites you need in their full glory, independently fighting it out in the competitive online dating market until Sam Yagan buys them all up.

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