A GOP first in Bergenfield

Bergenfield Republicans filed their Council petitions today at Municipal Hall today and nominated Kathleen A. Sahlberg for reelection, and sought to make history with the nomination of U.S. Navy Veteran Reynaldo Magdadoro, who would be the first Republican Councilperson in Bergenfield of Filipino descent. 

Bergenfield has been called the “Little Manila” of Bergen County. 

According to the US census in 2010, over 17% of Bergenfield’s population had Filipino ancestry, but there is no Philippine representation on Bergenfield’s council.

Ira Treuhaft, Chairman of the Bergenfield Municipal Committee said, “I think that the actions of the members of the Republican Party of Bergenfield speak for themselves.  We cannot allow one segment of our community to remain disenfranchised, and not have a voice in local politics.  Bill Clinton was still president the last time someone of Filipino ancestry was elected to municipal council in Bergenfield.   

“There are plenty of qualified candidates in all of our communities that are willing to contribute to the public,” the chair added. “I am certain that Kathleen Sahlberg and Reynaldo Magdadaro, the only ticket in Bergenfield that has a woman and a US Navy Veteran of Filipino ancestry, brings the proper mix to the Council that the people of Bergenfield deserve.”

A GOP first in Bergenfield