Bean There: The Price of Brooklyn’s $7 Latte Just Went Up

Savor it (Getty)
You better savor it (Getty)

Talk about raising the bar.

“I’ll see that $7 latte and raise you $3” said Budin, the new Scandanavian-inspired coffee bar, to themselves.

After stirring up some controversy around their pricey latte that appeared to be the most expensive virgin coffee-based drink around, the Greenpoint coffee shop raised the price after only two weeks in business.

So if you didn’t grab a lakkris latte for the $7 steal it was, you missed your chance. Now the buzz-worthy brew will cost you $10.

If you’re wondering why this beverage costs as much as the minimum wage people are fighting for, it’s not because of the silver platter it’s served on, although that probably doesn’t help.

Budin co-owner Elliot Rayman said it’s because their exotic ingredients come with a high price tag and they were running short on supplies.

The anise syrup and raw licorice powder are from Denmark while the coffee beans are grown in Ethiopia and later roasted in Norway.

“Each component is of a high caliber that is rarely seen in the states,” co-owner Elliot Rayman told The Daily News. “They come together in a unique flavor all its own.”

The first class ingredients in this reportedly delicious licorice flavored drink will cost you, but at least try it once before you go whipping out your Starbucks reward card, again. Bean There: The Price of Brooklyn’s $7 Latte Just Went Up