Carl Kasell Steps Down From Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me

Carl Kasell retires from NPR. (Getty)

Carl Kasell retires from NPR. (Getty)

NPR fans, prepare to have your hearts broken into a million little public radio pieces: Carl Kasell, the gameskeeper of popular program Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me will be leaving the air after five decades of broadcasting.

On the plus side, that means there’s a job opening.

But don’t get too disheartened, listeners! Mr. Kasell will still be recording outgoing voice-messages to the show’s winners in the capacity of Scorekeeper Emeritus, and in a rare piece of NPR viral marketing, you can actually call the Wait Wait number and leave HIM a message. (1-888-Wait-Wait or 1-888-924-8924; select the second option).

According to Wait Wait host Peter Sagal, Mr. Kasell was the more popular of the pair.

“And whose autograph do they line up for after each show?” asks Sagal, sounding slightly envious. “Carl’s. The 50-year-old computer programmers are in my line telling me c++ jokes, and the 20-something women are beside themselves posing for pictures with Carl.”

Goodbye, Mr. Kasell. Do you mind if we leave our resume in the form of a voice message?

Carl Kasell Steps Down From <em>Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me</em>