CD3 Clash: Lonegan takes aim at Belgard

Steve Lonegan’s first post convention mailer stepped over GOP convention favorite Tom MacArthur and went after Democrat Aimee Belgard and the Affordable Care Act.

“When the Liberals in Washington called for help promoting Obamacare, liberal Democrat Aimee Belgard answered the call to support Obamacare,” the mailer says, referring to the Democratic candidate running for her party’s nomination in the 3rd Congressional District.

Lonegan faces a Republican Primary against MacArthur, who will have the lines in both Ocean and Burlington counties.

“Steve Lonegan’s political hero is Ronald Reagen,” proclaims the mail piece, which landed in the 3rd District last week immediately after the Wednesday convention in Ocean County, where MacArthur thrashed Lonegan.

“Aimee Belgard’s political hero is Nancy Pelosi,” the mailer ads.

“Steve Lonegan opposes Obamacare,” the mailer proclaims. “Aimee Belgard supports Obamacare.” CD3 Clash: Lonegan takes aim at Belgard