Chivukula’s irritating staffing jab at Greenstein

The presence of Assemblyman Upendra Chivikula (D-17) was already annoying to the allies of state Sen. Linda Greenstein (D-14), who need Middlesex to be strong in their candidate’s Democratic Primary war with Assemblyman Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-15) of Mercer County.

Chivukula is scrambling to get support in Middlesex, where the bulk of his own legislative district is concentrated.

Now the assemblyman is staffing up with former Greenstein stalwarts, who, in the words of one insider, “know the lay of the land on Linda’s turf.”

Chivukula’s campaign manager, Henry de Koninck, was Greenstein’s field director in 2011. The Somerset county CD12 candidtae’s senior advisor is Steve Lenox, Greenstein’s former chief of staff. Chivukula’s irritating staffing jab at Greenstein