Chuck Schumer and Jerry Nadler Rail Against ‘Nuclear’ Iran

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. (Photo: Andrew Burton/Getty)
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. (Photo: Andrew Burton/Getty)

Senator Chuck Schumer and Congressman Jerry Nadler reaffirmed their hawkish foreign policy credentials at a Council of Jewish Organizations of Flatbush breakfast yesterday.

Mr. Schumer, speaking briefly to members of the Brooklyn Jewish civic group, said that the greatest threat to Israel “is now possible” if Iran, already buffeted by American sanctions, gains the ability to wield nuclear weapons. 

“The greatest threat to Israel is now possible. And that is a nuclear Iran,” Mr. Schumer said, drawing applause from the heavily Orthodox Jewish crowd. “We must do everything we can–I know Congressman Nadler joins me in this–we must do everything we can in any way possible to avoid a nuclear Iran. And we will be leading the charge to make sure that the Iranians know that they will not go nuclear or face the most severe of consequences.”

Mr. Schumer and Mr. Nadler were the only two pols at the breakfast to address foreign policy. In his remarks, Mr. Nadler said that even “military action” could be necessary to stop Iran from building nuclear weapons.

“We will do whatever it takes to make sure Iran does not get a nuclear weapon because Iran has been very clear of what they expect they’ll do with it,” Mr. Nadler said. “No matter what, even if it takes military action, Iran must be prevented from getting a nuclear weapon.”

Opposition to a nuclear Iran is a common stance among city Democrats, but Mr. Schumer has taken a more aggressive stance than many of his fellow liberals, including criticizing President Barack Obama for softening economic sanctions against the country last year in exchange for concessions on nuclear weapons. 

Mayor Bill de Blasio backed Mr. Obama’s decision, but Mr. Schumer called the deal a disappointment at the time. Chuck Schumer and Jerry Nadler Rail Against ‘Nuclear’ Iran