Chuck Schumer Predicts Scott Brown Will Lose: ‘By a Lot’

Senator Chuck Schumer. (Photo: Getty)
Senator Chuck Schumer. (Photo: Getty)

Former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown is expected to face off against a New Hampshire Democrat in a bid to return to his old gig, but Senator Chuck Schumer isn’t too worried about the Republican’s imminent challenge. 

Racing out of City Hall today after a meeting with Mayor Bill de Blasio, Mr. Schumer said he was sure Jeanne Shaheen, the New Hampshire Democratic senator facing Mr. Brown, would easily beat the state-hopping Republican. 

“I think Jeanne Shaheen will beat him by a handsome amount,” Mr. Schumer, the former head of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, told the Observer as he bounded down the steps of City Hall. “Jeanne Shaheen has a done a great job up in New Hampshire, she fits New Hampshire well.”

“She’s going to win by a lot,” he added.

Mr. Schumer, who said he was running late for a meeting with the New York Times, declined to comment further on the race. But the New York Democrat is reportedly not fond of Mr. Brown, telling The New Republic that he recruited Democrat Elizabeth Warren to oust Mr. Brown from his Massachusetts seat in 2012 after Mr. Brown failed to provide a crucial vote on the so-called “Disclose Act.” A rollback to the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, the bill would have required corporations, unions and interest groups to provide more information about their political actions and spending. 

“I went to Scott Brown and said, ‘If you give us the 60th vote for the Citizens United rollback, we won’t go after you,” Mr. Schumer told the magazine. “I spent a lot of time lobbying him, and met some of his friends and had them lobby him. He said yes. Then he said no. So I wanted to recruit the strongest candidate against him, and I thought that was Elizabeth Warren.” Chuck Schumer Predicts Scott Brown Will Lose: ‘By a Lot’