Devine resurfaces – this time as a candidate for mayor

Rahway Mayor Samson Steinman has a recognizable opponent in the June 3rd Democratic Primary.

That would be James J. Devine, a Democratic strategist who helped get Mayor Wilda Diaz elected in Perth Amboy before infamously falling out with her.

Steinman became mayor following the resignation last year of Mayor Rick Proctor.

Hired as Hillside Township Administrator shortly after Angela Garretson became Mayor  the Union County town, Steinman served as Proctor’s campaign manager in 2010 and will run with county party support

Devine worked on former Mayor Jim Kennedy’s campaigns.

In his 2014 state of the city speech, Steinman declared that Rahway “is heading in the right direction,” but Devine said he flatly refutes that claim, arguing that property taxes increased 60 percent on homeowners who are already overcharged due to faulty assessments, while unemployment, foreclosures and gun violence remain very real threats in the city.

“Crime, poverty and unemployment plague parts of the city left behind during a decade of downtown development and it is time to address those neglected neighborhoods,” said Devine. “Kennedy’s vision was futuristic in 1990 but Rahway’s problems have evolved and we need new energy, new ideas and a new direction because this is a different century and millenium.

“We will need a mayor who will stand up for the people, especially when it comes to the political power brokers, wealthy outside developers and greedy global corporations that have pursued profits here without regard for the quality of life,” added the challenger. “If I am successful, I hope Jim Kennedy and other prominent citizens will serve as trustworthy advisors but the days of puppet leadership will end.”

Devine resurfaces – this time as a candidate for mayor