Did Bridgegate jinx American Hustle?

New Jersey came up empty-handed as a subject Sunday night, with any number of kooky and crusty political portraits flushed into Oscar oblivion with the failure of American Hustle to score an award.

We waited all night long for Hustle to get at least one best something, weathering the procession of supporting actor, supporting actress, actress, director, actor and picture all going into other hands before the final curtain came down on the 2013 Oscars. 

We especially suffered the Academy’s rejection of Christian Bale and Jennifer Lawrence, whose dysfunctional wife and husband routine seemed to accurately convey the state’s collective affliction.

Was it bad timing?

After looking like a favorite to land at least a handful of Oscars, Hustle got outhustled by nearly every other movie in play.

Did Bridgegate tire out the subject matter?

  Did Bridgegate jinx American Hustle?