Dodge Gallery Will Close

Installation view of 'Age of Small Things' at Dodge, 2014. (Courtesy Dodge Gallery)
Installation view of ‘Age of Small Things,’ 2014. (Courtesy Dodge Gallery)

The Lower East Side’s Dodge Gallery announced today that it will close after four years in business in a spacious former sausage factory at 15 Rivington Street. Kristen Dodge shared the news in an e-mail sent to the gallery’s mailing list with the subject line “Thank You.”

“I would like to express deep gratitude to the artists on our roster, some of whom I have worked with for 10 years and others who have joined the gallery more recently,” Ms. Dodge wrote. “It has been an absolute pleasure and a privilege to work with you. I admire you and am inspired by you.”

Dodge worked with emerging and mid-career artists like Ted Gahl, Ellen Harvey, Jason Middlebrook and Cordy Ryman. It presented 42 shows, including some memorable group exhibitions, like “The Age of Small Things,” which painter Chuck Webster organized there earlier this year. (My colleague Will Heinrich reviewed it last month.)

Ms. Dodge added, “I would like to invite everyone to visit the gallery in the coming weeks, see the two great shows that we have up, and celebrate the last four years of art at DODGEgallery.” Those shows close Sunday, April 13. Dodge Gallery Will Close