Happy St. Pat’s Day

We could attempt eloquence in bidding you Erin Go Bragh. 

But we would fall short, no doubt, of the Irish master, who in his life’s work summoned “a terrible beauty” to stand the test of time, for whom nothing existed or persisted without the foundation of pure tragedy.

Just meditate on these lines:

“Then Conchubar, the subtlest of all men,
Ranking his Druids round him ten by ten,
Spake thus: “Cuchulain will dwell there and brood
For three days more in dreadful quietude,
And then arise, and raving slay us all.
Chaunt in his ear delusions magical,
That he may fight the horses of the sea.”
The Druids took them to their mystery,
And chaunted for three days.
Cuchulain stirred,
Stared on the horses of the sea, and heard
The cars of battle and his own name cried;
And fought with the invulnerable tide.” 

– William Butler Yeats

Happy St. Pat’s Day