Here Are 25 Celebrities' Embarrassing First Tweets

Remember how earnest everyone used to be?

"shaq uncut" is an interesting choice of words.
Aww, remember when Ellen didn't get Twitter yet? How things have changed.
NPH should win an award for actually understanding how to be funny on Twitter in his first tweet.
Is that sexual innuendo?
Nope, you are perfect in every way.
J. Lo joined Twitter because Ryan Seacrest and Kim Kardashian.
We love Steve Harvey's optimism.
Just unleashed a sassy, fiery wrath upon the world, that's all.
We know :(
Thanks for the encouragement, Kris!
Come on 50 Cent, this isn't a Facebook status. Get with the times.
The Cove is a documentary about dolphin hunting in Japan, so... yeah.
This is a kind of RUDE way to start off Twitter, Jesse.
This might be meta.
Matt Lauer's first tweet was sent out by Justin Bieber live on the Today Show. Less than two hours later, he had 75,000 followers. If only we could be so lucky.
Oh god, of COURSE he called it "the big T."
He's been calling people bitches from day one.
Speaking of Perez Hilton, here's Courtney Love's.
Us too.
Little did she know she'd become the first person to hit 50 million Twitter followers.
This is awk.
Way to show some enthusiasm, Betabeat.

The Internet has been keeping itself busy today with Twitter’s First Tweet feature, which lets you search for the very first message a user ever sent out to the Twittersphere. The results are generally cringeworthy — they show you how earnest and basic you were before you discovered that the Internet was a cold, dark and deeply ironic place.

Because we love you a lot, we’ve catalogued a list of some of our favorite first tweets by celebrities. We warn you: they’re pretty embarrassing. Oprah’s is in aggressive all-caps. Lindsay Lohan’s is an “I love you” to Samantha Ronson. Kris Jenner’s uses the phrase “Twittering.” We rest our case.

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