Japanese Inventors Straight Up Build Giant Robot Suit 'For Entertainment'

And you thought Candy Crush was fun!

Look at this crazy thing!
Look at this crazy thing!

After an hour and a half spent wandering through the dauntingly huge SXSW Trade Show in the Austin Convention Center, we were very nearly ready to call it quits and go collapse into a heaping pile of pulled pork somewhere — but then we rounded a corner and came face-to-face with a Japanese robot seemingly triple our size.

Presented by a company called Skeletonics Inc., the contraption is an enormous metal skeleton that amplifies the movements of its human controller, who’s strapped into the center of the device. 

We asked Skeletonics Inc. president ReyesTatsuru Shiroku what sort of noble purpose this robot was meant to fulfill, assuming it’d be used in some sort of high-tech military training or construction project.

“This is exoskeleton for entertainment,” he answered. Mr. Shiroku’s company literally invented these giant robots three years ago because they’re just really darn cool, which was completely okay with us. He said they’re mainly used as entertainment at events.

The robots are available to rent, or to buy for the low, low price of $49,800. It apparently only takes one day of training to learn to use the thing, so we really don’t see what you’re waiting for.

[vimeo 87056661 w=500 h=281]  Japanese Inventors Straight Up Build Giant Robot Suit 'For Entertainment'