John Liu Is Keeping His Political Options Open

John Liu with Congresswoman Grace Meng today.

John Liu with Congresswoman Grace Meng today.

John Liu still won’t rule out another try for elected office. 

The ex-comptroller and mayoral candidate refused to swat down rumors that he is mulling a bid against Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez, even as he put another batch of rumors to rest by endorsing his own congresswoman, Grace Meng, for re-election.

“Let met me just say that rumors are rumors and I’m not in the business of denying nor confirming rumors. So I’ll leave it at that,” Mr. Liu told reporters at the endorsement press conference today. “Obviously we have a capable incumbent in the 7th District [Ms. Velázquez’s district] as we do in other districts that rumors have been floated about me.”

When Politicker asked if Mr. Liu would rule out a congressional bid of any kind–he was also rumored to be mulling a challenge against Ms. Meng before he endorsed her today–Mr. Liu played coy. 

“I’m 47 years old. My 13-year-old son thinks I’m a very old man but we’ll see what happens in the future,” Mr. Liu said. “Today is about Grace Meng.”

Ms. Meng herself contributed to the speculation when she said Mr. Liu would not be done “making history.” Mr. Liu was the first Asian-American elected official in the city.  “I am convinced, and I’m sure all of you are, that he is not finished making history here in New York,” Ms. Meng said as she was introducing Mr. Liu at her downtown Flushing re-election headquarters.

Though Mr. Liu was exploring the possibility of a bid against Ms. Meng, whose district includes Mr. Liu’s old council district, he is now eying Ms. Velazaquez’s Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan district, sources said. Brooklyn Daily last month first reported Mr. Liu’s apparent interest in Ms. Velázquez’s seat. (In federal elections, candidates only have to live in the same state as the districts they are seeking.)

The odds of Mr. Liu actually taking the plunge appear to remain remote. However, the heavily Latino district could play to some of Mr. Liu’s strengths; both the Brooklyn and Manhattan portions boast sizable Asian-American communities where Mr. Liu remains a relative celebrity. 

Reporters continued to grill Mr. Liu about his future political plans after the event but the ex-comptroller, now a Baruch College professor without a full-time job, would not tip his hand. 

“I think I still have some to contribute and so at some point in the future, we’ll see what happens” he said.  John Liu Is Keeping His Political Options Open