John Liu to Announce ‘Federal Challenge’ to Campaign Finance Board

John Liu. (Photo: Comptroller's Office)
John Liu. (Photo: Comptroller’s Office)

John Liu is still fighting.

The former comptroller, who is still exploring a return to elected office and maintaining an extensive public schedule, will hold a press conference tomorrow in Manhattan to announce a “federal challenge” to the Campaign Finance Board after he was denied public matching funds during last year’s mayoral race.

“Mr. Liu will announce a federal challenge to the Campaign Finance Board’s power to deny matching funds to municipal candidates,” reads an email from Mr. Liu’s campaign-like account. “He will be present with his lawyers, available for interviews. Copies of materials that comprise this challenge will be distributed.”

It is not yet clear what the substance of Mr. Liu’s new challenge will be. Ellen Wood, a legal assistant identified as Mr. Liu’s contact for the press conference tomorrow, had no further information.

Mr. Liu, who finished a distant fourth in the mayor’s race after his former campaign treasurer and a donor were found guilty of illegally funneling over-the-limit contributions to his campaign, is suing the finance board for unspecified money damages for “deprivation of civil rights, mental and emotional harm, loss of dignity, loss of earnings and professional reputation.” This announcement will be related to that suit. 

The press conference will be held at the law offices of Emery Celli Brinckerhoff & Abady tomorrow at 11 a.m. The CFB declined to comment. John Liu to Announce ‘Federal Challenge’ to Campaign Finance Board