Marc Andreessen Bashes Secret-Sharing Apps in Extended Subtweet

"We need to seriously ask ourselves whether some of these systems are legitimate and worthy."

(Photo: Wikipedia)
Mr. Andreessen (Photo: Wikipedia)

No matter how hard we try to ignore them, anonymous gossip apps like Secret and Whisper find new and terrifying ways to alter the media landscape.

And now, finally, a grown-up has come along to scold the immature tech types who use these apps to anonymously talk smack on their fellow human beings.

Marc Andreessen unleashed a Twitter tirade on Friday bashing social media systems that “encourage negative behavior, tearing people down, making fellow souls sad.” He didn’t mention Whisper or Secret by name. But those apps fit the profile — and he expressly stated that he wasn’t referring to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Path and Snapchat.

Here are the tweets:

But wait, there’s more:

Ouch. It’s like in middle school, when your teacher scolded the whole class for something only you and your friends did. Mr. Andreessen perfectly nailed the “you know who you are and you know what you did” vibe, with just a dash of “I’m not mad, I’m disappointed.”

Recode points out that some ~hilarious~ soul posted an anonymous rebuttal on Secret: “News flash: most-disliked VCs on Secret dislike Secret.”

And here we thought New Yorkers were the bitchy ones. Thanks to Secret and Whisper, Silicon Valley is sounding more and more like a Real Housewives franchise. Marc Andreessen Bashes Secret-Sharing Apps in Extended Subtweet