Morning Links: Childhood Ambition Edition

Nan Goldin, ‘Rene Ricard Smoking Crack,’ 1990. (©Nan Goldin)

Auction houses are lobbying to defeat the proposed resale royalties act. [NYT]

“Nan Goldin: ‘I wanted to get high from a really early age.'” [The Guardian]

Barack Obama in 1988: “I wander around Paris, the most beautiful, alluring, maddening city I’ve ever seen; one is tempted to chuck the whole organizing/political business and be a painter.” [NYT]

Advisory body to German government finds against Jewish claimants for the Guelph Treasure, a collection of medieval ecclesiastical artworks worth 400 million euros, currently housed in a Berlin museum. [The Art Newspaper]

“The state of Scottish art.” [Financial Times]

Rubin Museum of Art celebrates 10 years. [WSJ]

“Behind every great artist is a great curator. But what do they actually do?” [The Guardian]
Morning Links: Childhood Ambition Edition