Morning Links: Robert Ashley Edition


Robert Ashley, “opera’s misunderstood innovator,” who is in this year’s Whitney Biennial, has died at 83. [NYT]

A complete recording of Robert Ashley’s 2003 opera Celestial Excursions at La MaMa in 2009. [Vimeo]

Here’s Jessica Slaven’s interview with the great Terry Adkins. [Paper Monument]

David Reed remembers Arthur Danto. [Artforum]

“A new show at the British Museum helps demolish a long-held myth about the Vikings and demonstrates that theirs was a world in which trade, skillful metalwork, poetry and even peaceable board games came to flourish.” [WSJ]

Claude Lévêque plans a project at the Louvre. [The Art Newspaper]

This summer’s hottest ticket: Paleolithic cave art. [The Art Newspaper]

The Ace Hotel clears a hurdle to its new location on Bowery. [Bowery Boogie]

The USC Annenberg/Getty Arts Journalism Program, a pioneering series of fellowships for professional arts journalists, has come to an end. [LAT]

Ward Shelley and Alex Schweder, are living together for 10 days on a giant hamster wheel they built “to illustrate people’s interdependence.” [Telegraph]

Many of London’s West End galleries, some of which have been in business for 200 years or more, are closing as the neighborhood gets taken over by luxury retail stores. [Telegraph]

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