Morning Media Mix

Illustration by Lauren Payne.
Illustration by Lauren Payne.

The New York Times ran a correction on a 161 year-old story:

“An article on Jan. 20, 1853, recounting the story of Solomon Northup, whose memoir “12 Years a Slave” became a movie 160 years later that won the best picture Oscar at the 86th Academy Awards on Sunday night, misspelled his surname as Northrop. And the headline misspelled it as Northrup.” (The New York Times)

Veteran Daily News reporter Don Singleton dies at 77. (The Daily News)

Columbia Journalism Review looks at BuzzFeed, a place where  a recent Columbia grad can balance hit listicles like “29 Struggles That Only People With Big Butts Will Understand” with reported stories on social justice, like  a 4,000-word piece on sexual abuse in India. (CJR)

The Washington Post is opening a design and development office in New York. (Capital)

Warren Buffet, champion of the newspaper, forgot to mention the almost 70 owned by Berkshire Hathway or the fate of the newspaper business in the annual shareholders letter. (Nieman Lab) Morning Media Mix