Morning Media Mix: Daily Candy No Longer Dandy

Daily CandyRemember when reading a lunchtime email from Daily Candy while your boss was in a meeting was the highlight of the day? Doree Shafrir writes about why yesterday’s news that Daily Candy and Television Without Pity are closing marks the end of an era. (BuzzFeed)

“Which 19th Century Press Baron Are You?” Find out with On the Media ‘s highbrow take on the quiz trend. (On The Media)

Should The New York Times grant anonymity to a banker about what he did on his weekend off (ate greek yogurt and watched college basketball) because he isn’t authorized to talk to a reporter? Public editor Margaret Sullivan is on the case with her second AnonyWatch column. (AnonyWatch, The New York Times)

A fire in the basement of the Time & Life building the other night was caused by a carelessly discarded cigarette. Guess some people still smoke … (New York Post)

People on Twitter (finally) took the bait and got all outraged at a tweet from The Colbert Show. (New York)

Morning Media Mix: Daily Candy No Longer Dandy