Morning Politics: ‘Rudy Giuliani Included’

Today's amNewYork.
Today’s amNewYork.

Headline of the Day: “Man Demonstrates The Worst Way To Support New York’s Horse Carriage Industry.”

Former Congressman Anthony Weiner on the dispute between Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio: “Anyone with political antennae can tell that Cuomo has, frankly, been a bit of a jerk — while de Blasio seems to have remained respectful and deferential in his dealings with the governor.”

“The governor has gone ‘Lord of the Flies’ on the mayor as of late, nearly demanding subservience,” added columnist Michael Powell. “Just this week, he administered a slap, suggesting the mayor’s request to excise a few regulatory phrases was akin to asking to alter the wording in Magna Carta.”

Mr. de Blasio, who “stressed the importance of reforming NYPD practices” has been dragging his feet on a relevant appointment, Capital New York reports: “[D]e Blasio has yet to name anyone to lead the Civilian Complaint Review Board, whose last chairman, Daniel Chu, stepped down on Jan. 1.”

In response to the latest salvo from former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Mr. de Blasio’s team released a polite statement. “We’re proud of the agenda we’ve set on public safety, education and income inequality. Those are priorities that will benefit everyone,” a spokesman said, “Rudy Giuliani included.”

“Excuse me, but so far de Blasio has taken the city exactly where he promised he’d take it,” Daily News columnist Denis Hamill wrote today in response to an earlier Giuliani attack. “Sometimes democracy is as messy as … Giuliani’s ghoulish post-9/11 posturing. And sometimes democracy means keeping your campaign promises.”

The New York Times profiled the Comfort Inn hotel where many Albany lawmakers spend their stipends. “They all have their requests,” the hotel’s general manager said of the pols. “Some want extra blankets. Some ask for a rubber grip bath mat if it isn’t there.”

But don’t ask Assemblywoman Earlene Hooper about her per diem expenditures.

Morning Politics: ‘Rudy Giuliani Included’