Morning Read: ‘And David’s Got a Wicked Slingshot’

"Governor Cuomo's Adirondack Winter Challenge." (Photo: Flickr/Governor's Office)

“Governor Cuomo’s Adirondack Winter Challenge.” (Photo: Governor’s Office/Flickr)

Headline of the Day: “Aide To Mayor: Earth ‘Kind Of Revolving Around Sun.'”

Runner-Up: “Liam Neeson’s horse sense.”

Capital New York notes some less-than-encouraging signs for Bill de Blasio‘s tax plan: “After a weekend building momentum for the plan through rallies and church visits, a union that supported de Blasio’s mayoral bid scrapped its plans for a radio ad urging voters to support the pre-K effort.” This combines with Chirlane McCray abruptly canceling Tuesday trip to Albany.

But Mr. de Blasio did get some good news when Speaker Shelly Silver decided to include the tax in the Assembly’s preliminary budget. In a statement, Mr. de Blasio gushed: “For 20 years, through thick and thin, Speaker Silver and the Assembly Majority have pushed pre-kindergarten … [T]heir decades of advocacy for our children are coming to fruition.”

Diane Ravitch penned a Huffington Post column criticizing the “smear campaign” against Mr. de Blasio. Ms. Ravitch writes, “De Blasio did not abandon charters or evict children from charters. The attacks on him are a power play by charter operators, specifically Moskowitz, to restore the good old days of the Bloomberg administration, when her requests were never turned down.”

Capital New York also surveyed New York’s Republican county leaders and found Rob Astorino‘s gubernatorial bid with about 25 percent support. “We’re completely confident the party’s going to coalesce around Rob,” the Astorino campaign said. “We have support in all areas of the state and expect to pick up more as formal meetings continue.”

On Capital Tonight, State GOP Chairman Ed Cox was rather bullish on Mr. Astorino’s chances against Gov. Andrew Cuomo. “Look, this is Goliath: Meet David. And David’s got a wicked slingshot.” On Inside City Hall, Mr. Cox quipped, “It’s an uphill race, but, Goliath: Meet David. And David’s got one heck of a proven slingshot.” 

Morning Read: ‘And David’s Got a Wicked Slingshot’