Morning Read: ‘Certain Bloggers Having Too Much Time on Their Hands’

Today's New York Post.

Today’s New York Post.

Headline of the Day: “Send in the ‘ban bossy’ brigade for De Blasio.”

Last night, Bill de Blasio made a cameo appearance on The Good Wife, appearing on a taxi cab video screen that won’t turn off. “It took two or three takes,” Mr. de Blasio told The New York Times, with a laugh. “They were surprised at how quickly I could get to over-the-top obnoxious.”

The Times editorial board criticized Mr. de Blasio’s governing style: “A student driver with eyes fixed on the speedometer also has to remember the clutch, the yellow light, the double-parked car and that guy on the bike. Driving the city will eventually come more easily to this mayor, but for now, expect the forward motion to come with lurching and bumps.”

In the same paper, Irish civic leaders complained about Mr. de Blasio’s “mayoral affronts.” “Irish leaders say they do not believe Mr. de Blasio has deliberately set out to provoke them,” the Times notes, however. “The missteps do not come from malice, but basically from total inexperience,” commented Brian O’Dwyer.

Crain’s New York Business asked some P.R. experts what advice they would give Mr. de Blasio. “I think he needs a communications director,” said James Vlasto. “Be on time,” said Davidson Goldin. “Reporters have bosses breathing down their necks to file.” “Ignore it, because people remain very solidly with him on the issues,” said Matt Hiltzik.

Rev. Al Sharpton took a shot at any of Congressman Charlie Rangel‘s supporters who believe the veteran incumbent shouldn’t be challenged. “I think that we got to really be clear that it’s time for us to have a new vision and a new day,” he added, speaking to Capital New York and appearing to echo the messaging of Pastor Mike Walrond.

John Liu still won’t deny his interest in potentially running for Congress this year, but he did take a shot at unnamed “bloggers” on Inside City Hall last Friday. “Not withstanding rumors and potentially certain bloggers having too much time on their hands,” he nevertheless assured viewers he would not run against Congresswoman Grace Meng.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo also doesn’t appear to be a fan of bloggers. “The news cycle is much faster, and that changes the rate of the dialogue …. The dialogue is more constant. More frequent frequent chatter,” he said on John Catsimatidisnew radio show yesterday. “I don’t believe it raises the quality.” Listen to Mr. Cuomo’s full appearance below:

Morning Read: ‘Certain Bloggers Having Too Much Time on Their Hands’