Morning Read: ‘Corrupt, Secretive and Deceitful Schemes’

Today's New York Post.

Today’s New York Post.

Headline of the Day: “EXCLUSIVE: Mayor de Blasio ignoring Liam Neeson’s invite to tour stable.”

Bill de Blasio is headed up to Albany today to pressure the state government to back his universal pre-K tax increase, but New York writes that “his more realistic allies are admitting that the chances of winning the tax hike are shrinking toward zero.” Some in Mr. de Blasio’s camp are reportedly “itching to toughen up the tactics” against Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

In a letter to the editor, Mr. de Blasio’s press secretary, Phil Walzak, took issue with a New York Times story that framed City Hall hires as more activist-oriented than managerial, pointing to a previous Times story that said “the mayor’s recruitment process has ‘a pronounced bent toward candidates with deep experience’ and that ‘the lengthy résumés of Mr. de Blasio’s picks have earned him praise.'”

The Nation also took issue with the same report, writing “what is definitely off-target is the notion, which the Times repeated Saturday but certainly didn’t invent, that ‘more managerial’ appointees are somehow ideologically neutral. This misconception underlay a lot of the skewed analysis of the Bloomberg administration, which was seen as apolitical.”

On a more positive note for Mr. de Blasio, the mayor “stared down Brooklyn developer Jed Walentas, and Walentas blinked,” Capital New York reports. “After threatening to mothball his 3 million-square-foot Domino apartment-and-office space project when de Blasio demanded more affordable housing, Walentas backed down.”

The New York Post reports that Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams “shocked some local business and community leaders at a Borough Hall meet-and-greet recently, hitting them up for cash to fund pet projects — with the money to be funneled through a nonprofit that doesn’t even exist.” Mr. Adams said he was in the process of setting up the nonprofit.

Meanwhile, the corruption trial against Brooklyn Assemblyman William Boyland is ongoing. “We’ve taken you into the underbelly of this defendant’s corrupt, secretive and deceitful schemes, each one designed to line his pockets at the expense of his constituents,” a federal prosecutor argued Monday.

And here’s video, via, of Mr. de Blasio’s press conference yesterday:
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Morning Read: ‘Corrupt, Secretive and Deceitful Schemes’