Morning Read: ‘In the New Mayor’s Orbit’

Today's Daily News.

Today’s Daily News.

Headline of the Day: “Meet ‘Oblasio’: De Blasio’s turning into Obama’s twin.”

Runner-Up: “Liam Neeson’s message for Vladimir Putin.”

Liam Neeson’s push to get Mayor Bill de Blasio to visit some horse stables may not have succeeded directly, but it still yielded coverage in The New York Times, The Wall Street JournalNew York Post and Daily News. “He should have manned up and come,” Mr. Neeson said, on the front page of the News. “I’m disappointed he’s not here.”

Mr. de Blasio, meanwhile, spent the weekend sending his surrogates around black and Latino neighborhoods in the city, arguing on behalf of his universal pre-K plan, as the News and Capital New York report.  “Tell them you don’t just like this plan. You don’t just want this plan. You need this plan for your children,” Mr. de Blasio said in the Bronx.

In a Post column, Nicole Gelinas argues Mr. de Blasio errored by not keeping Lis Smith on his team. “But is de Blasio confident that no top person in City Hall is going to have a strange personal problem in the next four years, from a messy divorce to a bankruptcy? By not sticking up for Smith, he made such stories fair game.”

In a News column, Anthony Weiner has his own messaging advice for Mr. de Blasio. Mr. Weiner writes that he agrees with the mayor, “But the challenge is to make that case to more than just his ideological allies. His words need to resonate with New Yorkers who don’t see their city through the same political lenses.”

Crain’s New York Business looked at how Bertha Lewis, an early de Blasio endorser, was hired to pressure the mayor on the Upper East Side waste transfer station, noting “a person with knowledge of the hiring said Ms. Lewis’ connection with him was ‘a huge part’ of the decision. It’s an example of how those in the new mayor’s orbit can benefit from proximity to him.” Morning Read: ‘In the New Mayor’s Orbit’