Morning Read: ‘It’s Meant as an Educational Video’

Today's New York Post.

Today’s New York Post.

Headline of the Day: “New Yorkers Are About To See These Ads Warning That Their Neighbors Might Be Nazis.”

Runner-Up: “That didn’t take long.”

Charter schools leader Eva Moskowitz again insisted her rally yesterday was not a dig at Bill de Blasio‘s pre-K rally, telling NY1 that advocates were simply “very worried with Mayor de Blasio’s campaign rhetoric and then his announcement that he was cutting $210 million from the capital budget and then saying he was going to impose rent on public charter schools. We were just feeling under siege.”

“Other charter leaders and advocates who attended the rally said privately that they thought that Tuesday could not have gone better for them optically, but offered only generalized press release-type language on the record, to avoid seeming like they were gloating over a rally that overshadowed the mayor’s,” Capital New York reported.

The Daily News editorial board praised Gov. Andrew Cuomo for siding with the charters yesterday, writing that he “hit it out of the park on Tuesday with a full-throated promise to ‘save charter schools’ just days after Mayor de Blasio killed three of them, including throwing 210 children out of one of the state’s highest achieving programs.”

The New York Post echoed the praise: “Cuomo hailed the presence of these kids at the rally as ‘a tremendous step in the right direction.’ So was his. The next step must be a law to put the fate of charters into the hands of moms and dads weighing the results they deliver — not some pol acting on an arbitrary whim.”

Despite an early suggestion that murders were up under Mr. de Blasio, New York reports that serious crime is actually down so far this year, “with murders and robberies dropping despite the declining number of stop-and-frisks, which some former police officials have said are necessary to maintain order in the city.”

The Post reports that the city’s Department of Investigation is probing Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams “following complaints that he and his staff hit up local business and community leaders for cash to fund pet projects with money to be funneled through a nonprofit that doesn’t exist.”

Ex-Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell IV has an interesting excuse for the lewd video he appeared in with Assemblyman José Rivera. “It’s meant as an educational video,” he told the Post. “A lot of young men don’t know how to flirt.” The News also weighed in.

And here’s video, via, of Mr. de Blasio’s press conference in Albany yesterday:
[vimeo 88199302 w=500 h=281]

Morning Read: ‘It’s Meant as an Educational Video’