New York Ladies Lost Millions By Turning Down Dates, Claims Human Auction Site

Get paid to date! What could go wrong? (
Get paid to date! What could go wrong? (

The math here is a little fuzzy, so bear with us as we attempt to untangle this press release we received yesterday.

Apparently, ladies, by not agreeing to go out with men for money, we are losing money! In fact, according to a new website, New York is on the top three “Pickiest Women” list, and we’ve turned up our nose on a collective $5,692,285 last year alone. bills itself as the world’s first dating-auction site, which sounds innocuous enough, until you realize its CEO Brandon Wade also created sugar daddy sites and, sites that encourage young women (and occasionally men) to sleep with old rich (heterosexual) partners for money and/or goods and/or health care.

“Go on More Dates with Beautiful Women!” the site says, like your drunk friend who took some PUA classes and is now wearing a giant fuzzy hat and goggles because he hates his mother. “Get the date by simply using your wallet!”

Here is what the site used its definitely non-biased user-collected data to determine, re: women:

WhatsYourPrice utilized this bid-for-a-date system, tallying the monetary value of all neglected offers and dividing them by the amount of offers, to determine “The Cost of Saying No.” According to the total volume and value of these offers, a rejected first date in the US leaves an average of $142 on the table.

In New York, the numbers are slightly below the national average:

4.) New York City
Number of Declines: 42,026
Amount Lost: $5,692,285
The Cost of Saying No: $135.45

So…wait, I’m not good at math (I’m a lady), but I think that means that on average New York women are losing less cash by refusing to engage in the Girlfriend Experience than the rest of the country, collectively? It’s only a $6.55 difference (I used a calculator), but if we’re going to seriously consider letting men buy our company, we’d want at least indecent proposal money.

New York Ladies Lost Millions By Turning Down Dates, Claims Human Auction Site