Read’Em and Weep: Helpful Tumblr Lets New Yorkers Know Where to Cry It Out

Hint: It's pretty much anywhere.

Someone get this kid o he seven train.
Someone get this kid on to the seven train.

Those damn New York paparazzi got you down? Sad about the Rangers trading Callahan? Dang hipsters turning your hometown into the “motherfuckin’ Westminster Dog Show?” Cry about it.

Kerry O’Brien is here to help out. Ms. O’Brien created the Tumblr entitled the NYC Crying Guide, a definitive list of the best places to shed some tears in New York.

“I went through a breakup a few months back and found myself crying all over the city,” Ms. O’Brien told the Observer. “I started picking places to go on my lunch break that would be the ‘best’ places to cry without people looking at me. I work in midtown, so there was really nowhere to go that was great.”

The latest spot posted is, of all places, the Build-A-Bear Workshop on 5th Ave.  “I really, really needed to get my niece a gift for her birthday,” Ms. O’Brien wrote.

While we can’t fully condone weeping in front of what is most likely a seventh birthday party, the rest of the entries make some kind of sense. There is the escalator in Grand Central Station (“Great for a 1-2 minute quick cry”) and an old classic, the seven train (“Feel free to cry as audibly as you want on this train, no one will EVER look at you!!”)

“I think New York life can be hard, but really the issue is we just don’t have anywhere to cry in peace aside from our apartments,” Ms. O’Brient told us. “Even our apartments sometimes have lots of roommates around so it’s even hard to cry there, too.”

Valid points. It’s a shame we at the Observer have hard hearts of stone and don’t need this Tumblr. We go to Build-A-Bear because we like it there, dammit. Read’Em and Weep: Helpful Tumblr Lets New Yorkers Know Where to Cry It Out