Stung and revitalized: Manzo to publish book about Christie next month

Exonerated after getting tagged with charges in Operation Bid Rig, former Assemblyman Lou Manzo (D-31) in April will publish Ruthless Ambition: The Rise and Fall of Chris Christie.

For weeks, Hudson sources have buzzed about the book, which Manzo claims tells the real back story behind former U.S. Attorney Christie’s consolidation of power – and political crackup.

Manzo told PolitickerNJ this morning that the book covers Christie’s entire public service career: from Morris County Freeholder to US Attorney to Governor.

“Many unknown facts concerning Christie are revealed,” said Manzo, 59, of Belmar, who served in the State Legislature from 2004 to 2008, and ran unsuccessfully for the state senate against Sandy Cunningham in 2007 and for mayor of Jersey City in 2009.

Manzo had run for mayor before, but it was during that last run that he fell into an infamous federal dragnet.  

In August of 2009, the feds charged Manzo with taking $27,500 in cash payments from disgraced, wire-wearing developer Solomon Dwek. Paraded in handcuffs into Newark, Manzo looked like he was bound for prison along with others caught in the sting who did time, including then-Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano, Jersey City Deputy Mayor Leona Beldini and political operative Joe Cardwell.

But a defiant Manzo successfully stared down those and other charges, albeit at great personal and financial cost, he said, all detailed in the book published by TrineDay.

“The book will expose some bombshell scandals that were still under wraps—mainly though previously undisclosed court documents and Department of Justice documents long since sealed,” Manzo promised.

Others also beat the federal rap, including Ridgefield Mayor Anthony Suarez and former Assemblyman L. Harvey Smith (D-31).

“After five years of research, I was able to document how the Bid Rig III sting was put together by Christie and his associates for the very express purpose of advancing his political agenda,” Manzo said. “I also show how this was merely just one spoke in the wheel of Christie’s other schemes to advance that same agenda. The book was thoroughly researched—a bibliography and videography of more than 50 pages and volumes of court and Department of Justice documents, some which have never before been released.  Now his whole story will be told.”

Stung and revitalized: Manzo to publish book about Christie next month