Uncover LinkedIn Users' Contact Info With This Free Plugin

It's like the yellow pages, but sneakier.

(Photo: LinkedIn Blog)
(Photo: LinkedIn Blog)

In case you needed a reason to delete your LinkedIn account, there’s now a browser plugin that will allow anyone with an Internet connection to find your email address through the corporate social network.

Called Sell Hack, it “allows you to ‘hack into’ LinkedIn’s system and reveal the contact info of any person you like,” Yahoo reports. It’s compatible with Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

This makes it the perfect tool for stalking out potential employers, contacting evasive sources, endlessly pitching reporters and even sending terrifying “secret admirer” letters to people you used to work with!

Sell Hack basically enhances your LinkedIn membership for free, as many LinkedIn Premium members have access to the InMail messaging system within LinkedIn. But they also have to look in the mirror every morning and see a person who pays for a LinkedIn membership, so there’s that.

UPDATE: LinkedIn is not happy about Sell Hack! They released the following statement via email:

LinkedIn’s legal team is delivering Sell Hack a cease and desist letter as a result of several violations. 
LinkedIn members who downloaded Sell Hack should uninstall it immediately and contact Sell Hack requesting that their data be deleted.
We advise LinkedIn members to protect themselves and to use caution before downloading any third-party extension or app. Often times, as with the Sell Hack case, extensions can upload your private LinkedIn information without your explicit consent. 
CORRECTION: A previous version of this post erroneously stated that LinkedIn Premium members have access to other members’ email addresses. They do not.
Uncover LinkedIn Users' Contact Info With This Free Plugin