Zelda Figurines and Star Trek Skeletons: This Is What a Nerd Block Box Looks Like

We'll treasure our new mini-Link forever.

Here's the glorious box that arrived at our desk this morning.
It was really exciting opening up our treasure chest of nerddom.
This is a line of figurines depicting the Simpsons' greatest guest stars.
Our Simpsons guest star figurine was James Brown.
These things are called "Skele-Treks," and they're a line of figurines that re-imagine Star Trek characters as skeletons. Endless lolz.
We got... this.
This ball reminded us of a Kinder Egg, except it contained a tiny model of a character from Zelda.
We got Link! He's pretty cute.
Next we got these "Wacky Packages" stickers.
They make total dad jokes out of classic packaging.
This guy looks super intense. He also gave us outfit inspiration for our next cosplay convention.
Finally, we got this Darth Vader T-shirt begging us to join the dark side. If that means spending all of our nights watching Bravo, we're already in!

We’ve written before about Nerd Block, the subscription service that lets nerds around the world sign up to receive monthly boxes of ‘epic geek gear.’ The boxes, which cost $19.99 per month, each contain a nerd-themed T-shirt, as well as five to six delightfully dorky items from brands like Disney, Marvel and Star Wars. 

This month, Nerd Block sent us a box of our own, so we could experience first-hand how truly liberating it is to not have to go out and track down our own Star Wars shirts. 

Our box contained some true relics of nerddom, including an Assassin’s Creed action figure, some jokey stickers that poke fun at food packaging, and a small figurine from a brand called “Skele-Treks,” which re-imagines classic Star Trek characters as skeletons. Hey, why not?

“But don’t nerds enjoy the challenge of having to track down those collectibles on their own?” one of our coworkers asked as we opened the box at our desk. We suppose she had a point, but we must say, it was certainly exhilarating to receive a big package, pry it open and explore its mystery contents one by one.

And besides, getting your geek gear delivered in a monthly box is really convenient. Who has time to go track down a limited edition light saber when you’ve got a World of Warcraft raid to coordinate?

Check out this slideshow of all the cool unabashedly un-cool stuff that we got in our box from Nerd Block.

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