Business Insider Is Just Moving Offices

Nobody got a new job, so calm down

Business Insider's Joe Weisenthal

Business Insider’s Joe Weisenthal (via Twitter)

Business Insider executive editor and ubiquitous Internet presence Joe Weisenthal unintentionally trolled the Internet by tweeting that it was his second to last day in the Business Insider office, prompting media people on the social network to erupt with congratulations, queries and questions about where Mr. Weisenthal was going.

Full disclosure: we also fell for it, because we are also a media person on Twitter.

Business Insider politics editor (and Observer alum/friend) Hunter Walker, not one to miss out on Internet fun, got in on the action:

But nobody is going anywhere. Not really. Well, actually, Messrs. Weisenthal and Walker and everybody else at Business Insider are leaving for a new office. The news outlet, which has been expanding and hiring of late, is moving to a different Flatiron location.

Well, it’s just nice to know that people care. Right, guys?

Note: Mr. Weisenthal claims that he didn’t mean to troll, it was just a poorly worded tweet. And we believe him (because why not?). This post has been revised to reflect that. 

Business Insider Is Just Moving Offices