Campaign Notes: Sumter stays out

The absence of Assemblywoman Shavonda Sumter (D-35) from today’s event sent scowls through the crowd of Democratic Party operatives subjected to backlash from other campaigns in a loud courtyard this afternoon.

Following weeks of party prodding, Assemblyman Benjie Wimberly (D-35) “manned up,” in the words of one organization man, and offered his endorsement of Council Presdient Andre Sayegh in the mayor’s race, underlining in his public remarks his dedication to the leadership of Passaic County Democratic Committee Chairman John Currie.

But Sumter should have been there, one party member, speaking on condition of anonymity, seethed.

The former campaign manager for incumbent Mayor Jeff Jones (and goddaughter of Currie), Sumter told PolitickerNJ earlier this year that she intended to stay neutral in the local contest.

A source told PolitickerNJ that the lawmaker had other duties today, including the responsibility of attending a memorial service.

  Campaign Notes: Sumter stays out