CD3 GOP Primary – MacArthur to Lonegan: ‘Frankly, Steve, it’s creepy’

The war is on in CD3, with family members of the two prime combatants in search of the seat currently occupied by U.S. Rep Jon Runyan (R-3) already in human shield mode.

Former Randolph Mayor Tom MacArthur wrote in a personal letter to his Republican Primary opponent, former Bogota Mayor Steve Lonegan, charging the Lonegan Campaign with trying to dig dirt on Facebook.

“I am appalled that you are promoting an anonymous internet blog by a person or organization who has clearly spent a considerable amount of time spying on my 16-year old daughter’s Facebook page in search of an issue to use against her father in a political campaign,” MacArthur wrote.

“Frankly, Steve, it’s creepy,” he added. “Is this really conduct becoming of someone who wants to serve in Congress?”

Backed by the Ocean County and Burlington County Republican organizations, MacArthur hopes to fend off renegade Republican Lonegan in the June 3rd Primary.

Anticipating tough guy tactics from the always super-competitive Lonegan, MacArthur struck hard in his letter.

“I’ve observed your caustic rhetoric and angry style of campaigning for years – and watched you lose election after election after election because of it – so I guess this latest dirty trick shouldn’t come as any surprise.  However, as the father of daughters, yourself, Steve, you should be especially ashamed of this type of gutter tactic,” MacArthur fumed.

“As for our positions on immigration, there is one clear difference: You personally sought out and hired illegal immigrants, while I have not.

The Lonegan Campaign was brief in response.

“This is a bizarre rant,” said Campaign Manager Chris Santora.

CD3 GOP Primary – MacArthur to Lonegan: ‘Frankly, Steve, it’s creepy’