CD3 Update: MacArthur zaps Lonegan in two new television ads

The CD3 campaign of Republican candidate Tom MacArthur released two television ads this week as the former mayor of Randolph tries to outdistance rival Steve Lonegan, the former mayor of Bogota.

MacArthur wants to highlight what he sees as two soft underbelly points in the movement conservative: Lonegan’s reluctance to approve of federal Hurricane Sandy funds and what MacArthur sees as Lonegan’s less than robust support for the U.S. Military.

“People come up to me every day concerned about what would happen to the Joint Base and Sandy recovery if Steve Lonegan becomes our Congressman,” said MacArthur. “His military cuts would put the base – and all the jobs that depend on it – at risk.  Moreover, Ocean County residents can’t fathom having a Congressman that opposes any and all aid for Sandy recovery, who is callous enough to say that the victims of Hurricane Sandy should ‘suck it up’.” 

“Joint Base” can viewed by clicking here:

“Suck It Up” can be viewed here:

The Lonegan Campaign swatted aside the critiques.

“Steve Lonegan strongly supports Joint Base MDL as well as the men and women who serve here at home and abroad,” said Lonegan Campaign Spokesman Tim Kelly. “Steve believes there is waste in the defense department and that FEMA aid in general is chock-full of corrupt politicians raking off needed funds. What’s continuously astounding is that Tom MacArthur supports more and more spending on everything. I guess once a liberal, always a liberal.”

CD3 Update: MacArthur zaps Lonegan in two new television ads