Coworking Space ‘The Yard’ Opens New Locations in Upper West Side, NoMad

The boutique space for offices-by-design is nearly doubling in size.

(via The Yard)
(via The Yard)

Between the accelerators, coworking spaces and incubators, there are so many choices when considering where to set up shop for your startup — and the pool of options just grew. Coworking space The Yard is officially opening two new locations in sought-after NYC neighborhoods.

The new venues will be an Upper West Side location near Lincoln Center, and a NoMad location at 27th Street and 5th Avenue, right around the corner from Ace Hotel. The NoMad location is starting to take applications for spaces as of today.

The Yard is a bit different than a space like AlleyNYC or Techspace. It offers smaller suites and will help design your offices. It’s a more boutique coworking experience, if you want a bit more alone time or are paranoid about who’s looking over your shoulder.

“We’re a little more private, less college dorm atmosphere,” The Yard cofounder Richard Beyda told Betabeat. “Every office here is closed up, with glass fronts, solid doors and four walls. We have communal areas, but a lot of people just want to get in their office and do their work.”

The expansion isn’t driven by a big expansion of services — they just finally found real estate that matched what they needed, in neighborhoods that are typically tough markets to break into.

“We’re very, very cautious and particular about what we’re looking for: plenty of windows, nice views, natural light, and a separate entrance,” Mr. Beyda said.

Co-working spaces have become a major part of the NYC startup ecosystem, and bigger companies like WeWork have been expanding rapidly. But many of these venues are very tech-focused, which allows them to provide community, services and partnerships that more diverse spaces have trouble offering.

“Our members are mostly in tech, but we have architects, attorneys, a tea importer and a bicycle manufacturer,” Mr. Beyda told Betabeat.

And The Yard has no plans to start pandering to just one crowd, or to expand their services beyond just having great real estate and the occasional guest speaker or VC-pitching event.

“We’re going to continue our model, keeping smaller-scale,” Mr. Beyda said. “Friendly size.” Coworking Space ‘The Yard’ Opens New Locations in Upper West Side, NoMad