'Distiller' App Recommends Whiskey Based On Your Preferences

It's the picky boozehound's new best friend.

Hey, it's an infographic! (Photo via Distiller)

Hey, it’s an infographic! (Photo via Distiller)

Liquor stores are overwhelming, and not just when you’re already drunk. There are just so many choices that, let’s be honest, are damn near impossible to differentiate.

Many imbibers will be swayed by the smoke and mirrors of clever bottle design and inflatable pirate displays. But for the more discerning customer, there must be a better way to try out new bottles without fear that they’ll suck.

Enter Distiller, the app that uses your own whiskey preferences to recommend bottles to you. From Distiller:

“Its technology uses tens of thousands of data points that analyze the flavor profiles, price, reputation, and even ‘giftability’ of a whiskey brand. Users activate the recommendation algorithm by answering questions about their tastes, and context on the situation. Or can search for something more specific like scotch under $50. And, the more Distiller’s use, the smarter it gets about your palate. No more sifting through segmented online forums, or pricey tasting classes, or off-point recommendations from asshole bartenders looking for a sale.”

They swear a lot, so you know they know what they’re talking about. Distiller started as a desktop search engine for whiskeys and has made 835,000 recommendations already. The new app comes from the surge in mobile customers they’ve seen. It’s available on Google Play and iTunes, and is already in the running for Betabeat’s Favorite Booze App Ever Award along with Minibar. That’ll do, tech. That’ll do.

'Distiller' App Recommends Whiskey Based On Your Preferences