From Bathroom to Baby’s Room? Crammed New Yorkers Stash Kids in Stalls

Everybody puts baby in the corner (stall).

Nap time.
Nap time.

Have you ever heard the whole thing about keeping your toothbrush six feet away from the toilet?

Well Joanna Goddard, author the of the blog Cup of Jo, apparently isn’t a big believer in that method. We can’t speak for her toothbrush, but she is keeping her baby in the bathroom.

In a post entitled “How Our Kids Sleep (Its Weird),” Ms. Goddard goes in to detail about how her and her husband turned their apartment’s second bathroom in to their newborn son Anton’s nursery.

“During the day, he shares the nursery with Toby when they’re playing, but for naps and bedtime, he cuddles up in his travel crib in the bathroom,” Ms. Goddard writes. “We put a pillow between the crib and the toilet and plug in our trusty noise machine.”

We were wondering whether this was a sign of the times in New York, or if Ms. Goddard would get lambasted on her own blog for her bathroom baby setup.

Lo and behold, more than Ms. Goddard received more than a hundred responses on her post alone, all supporting, sympathizing and  offering up further baby bed locations that ranged from closets to breakfast nooks.

“This is hilarious – I’ve been feeling so guilty for having our baby girl sleep in the (walk-in) closet, but apparently all the cool kids are doing it,” Erin posted on Cup of Jo.

Stasha, a Cup of Jo supporter slash exclamation point enthusiast noted on the blog that when apartments are cramped the bathroom has many uses.

“I love this! Way to keep it real!,” Stasha said. “We live in a small space too and use the bathroom for all kinds of odd stuff like tool storage!”

And then there is this.

Ms. Goddard has previously written about a search for a larger apartment in Brooklyn, but that search went nowhere. Perhaps her and her budding family should look elsewhere.

Can we recommend Flushing?

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From Bathroom to Baby’s Room? Crammed New Yorkers Stash Kids in Stalls