Injured Woman Cops $9,000 From MTA—Until Actual Cops Investigate

And she would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for that meddling NYPD.

MTA Bus? Or Mystery Machine? (Photo: Stephen Rees/Flickr
MTA Bus? Or Mystery Machine? (Photo: Stephen Rees/Flickr)

Back in September 2012, Reyna Geraldino claimed she was injured after the driver of an M15 bus closed the door on her arm and caused her to fall on the sidewalk. The 51-year-old filed a “no-fault” insurance claim and scored $9,000 from the New York City Transit Authority to pay for her medical expenses.

Case closed, right? Wrong.

It turns out Ms. Geraldino wasn’t being entirely honest. When the NYPD checked out video of the incident and spoke to witnesses, they discovered that she hadn’t been stuck in the door at all. Instead, she had been running to catch the bus when she tripped and fell on the sidewalk, according to DNAinfo.

Police arrested Ms. Geraldino on April 1st, nearly a year and a half after her fall, and charged her with insurance fraud, perjury, filing a false incident report. The mystery was solved after extensive investigating.

“After viewing the security video, our legal department referred the matter to internal investigators who interviewed several witnesses, including the bus operator, as well as obtaining and reviewing questionable medical records that completed the full picture of Geraldino’s deception,” MTA Spokesman Kevin Ortiz told DNAinfo.

Now, the MTA is trying to recoup the money. When they do, they should probably buy the NYPD some Scooby-Snax. Injured Woman Cops $9,000 From MTA—Until Actual Cops Investigate