Kader Attia Joins Lehmann Maupin

Kader Attia (Photo by Per Kristiansen, courtesy Lehmann Maupin)

Attia. (Photo by Per Kristiansen, courtesy Lehmann Maupin)

The Berlin-based artist Kader Attia has joined Lehmann Maupin, the gallery told Gallerist today.

“Kader Attia’s visionary work pushes us to reflect on the relationship between Western and non-Western cultures, as well as the repair of historical narratives,” Rachel Lehmann wrote in an email. “He tackles complex socio-economic and identity-based concepts in an extraordinarily poetic manner, reminding us that our experience with other cultures shapes our understanding of the post-colonial world in which we live. Attia’s practice aligns closely with the broader context of Lehmann Maupin’s program, which has long identified and championed artists whose work grows from personal experiences into an investigation of the wider world.”

Mr. Attia’s work was featured in Documenta 13. Lehmann Maupin has planned shows with Mr. Attia at both their spaces this fall and will prominently feature his work at their Frieze New York booth. Kader Attia Joins Lehmann Maupin