Kean and DiFrancesco at NJPAC

Former Gov. Tom Kean described former Gov. Brendan Byrne as a mentor, and said most of all, it has been fun being friends.

“I’ve spent a quarter of a centrury as Brendan Byrne’s straight man, and now you want me to be funny?” Kean deadpanned.

Former Gov. Donald DiFrancesco had a good line as the progression of former governors wore on. The Republican served a year in office after the departure to the Bush Administration of former Gov. Christie Todd Whitman.

“I feel like Elizabeth Taylor’s seventh husband,” DiFrancesco said. “I know what to do I just don’t know how to make it interesting.”

The former governor jabbed at former Gov. Jim McGreevy, who sat at the high table.

“If you made that announcement today that you made in 2004 they would give you a parade,” he told the Democrat, a reference to McGreevy’s “Gay American” press conference. “They would give you an Academy Award, and you could be a professional football player.” Kean and DiFrancesco at NJPAC