Losing the English Vote

A Patersonian originally from England, Michael Symonds of the 3rd Ward objected to a statement made today by incumbent Mayor Jeff Jones concerning his country of origin.

Observing the pomp of U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell’s endorsement of Council President Andre Sayegh in front of City Hall, Jones cracked “This ain’t England.”

“It shows a lack of understanding,” Symonds said. “He doesn’t get the way things work in England. When it comes to the transition of power, government is like greased lightning compared to here. It’s literally the prime minister coming in through the front and they have the moving trucks in the back.

“I would hope Jeff would have a better understanding of how we do it in Great Britain,” the British transplant added.

The afternoon event that sparked a protest had some backers of Jones either in the crowd joining in or upstairs on the 2nd floor expressing dismay at what they saw as a lack of establishment decorum.

“That was very mean to do that to the mayor, having an endorsement on the steps of City Hall while he’s up there,” said one Jones backer, speaking on condition of anonymity.   Losing the English Vote